What does the colour red say about you?

The meaning of red The meaning of red

Do you love wearing red? Is it your go-to colour when choosing a dress? And what is the meaning of red and what does it say about you?

Red is the colour of danger, passion and attracting attention! But although it speaks of a desire to attract it also says I want to be different! To stand out from the crowd. It’s a very symbolic colour and for many, red is also an important symbol of success.

But beware … because it can warn of danger!

A delightfully contradictory colour

Little red dress There are many shades of red, the most relevant and life-affirming of which are Titian and Alizarin. These shades are the true symbols of passion and strength. But red can also be a sign of over excitement or aggression.

Red is the colour of love, strength, energy, activity and readiness for immediate action but it’s also the colour of risk, struggle and leadership. People who like a bright shade of red are very good leaders and bosses. They’re always open and speak the truth without a hidden agenda. They are bold and they’re hardy!

That means that people who love red often show a strong desire to lead but beware if that’s you because it also means you can be ruthless in achieving your goals, going to untold lengths to do so, with little thought for any victims.

Brave enough to wear red?

If you’re a fan of wearing a rich red colour, then you’re probably cheerful, impulsive, amorous and strong. But it may be difficult for you to accept someone else’s opinion if it doesn’t coincide with yours.

At the Anderson Club, we love red in all its many meanings and shades. So, what does red mean to you and which of our haute couture little red dresses speaks your language?  I’d love to know what you think and what red means to you, so please leave a comment or post your “red” photos.



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