Bespoke Haute Couture Bridal and Evening Dresses

Beautiful and luxurious bridal and evening dresses, designed and hand crafted in London.
For those occasions when nothing short of sensational will do.

Luxury Evening Dresses

We pay meticulous attention to all the details, from the cut and the fabrics to little accents of colour, texture or hand-crafted details, such as adding embroidery, fine stitching, sequins, gemstones or flowers. And all our bridal and evening gowns are designed and hand-crafted here in London.

Your Vision, Your Needs

Exquisitely designed to enhance your natural beauty and to reflect your unique personality, our bespoke and hand-crafted bridal and evening gowns are breathtakingly beautiful and all about you. Working with our designers, is about creating something that’s not just a dress or an evening gown. It’s an experience and an extension of you and your occasion.

Perfect Day, Perfect You

Your bespoke wedding or bridal gown should be a reflection of you. But it also needs to encapsulate all those dreams and desires you hold for your big day and your future. There is no one and nothing more special than you on your wedding day and our dresses are designed and hand-crafted to reflect that.

Wow The Crowd

We want you to take their breath away with an elegant evening gown or wedding dress in which you simply shimmer with beauty. Our dresses and gowns are a once in a life time experience. They are bold, they are beautiful and they are designed to be perfect for you.

Looking to Make Your Own Creation?