Are you ready for purple?

The colour purple – what does it mean and what does it say about you?

The colour purple (or Persian purple and indigo)  is one of the most mysterious and ambiguous colours. People have been drawn to its pervasive, mystical influence on the psyche for hundreds of years. And as a colour, indigo purple persistently creates the impression of a certain magical allure. After all, isn’t that why all great wizards and magicians wear robes of indigo, purple or blue?

What does the colour purple mean and say about you?

the colour purpleBut never mind the wizards. What does the colour purple mean when it comes to human psychology, behaviour and psyche?

In psychology, purple is connected to sensuality and strong emotionality and one of the main features defining the colour purple is that it is inexplicably both covert and implicit. That’s because it’s a combination of two strong colours which are opposed in meaning – red and blue!  Merging together in purple, red (a shade of passion and power) and blue (a shade of tranquillity and peace) relentlessly confront and contradict one another, and their opposing meanings make purple an expression of suppressed excitement.

How strong is your willpower?

It’s one of the reasons that pregnant women like purple and indigo (especially in the early stages of pregnancy). What’s more, the ambiguity of purple is also symbolic of abstinence and willpower. One example of how blue restrains the passion of red when mixed together in purple is by creating a sense of humility, restriction and the curbing of carnal desires! That’s why, for example, the highest representatives of the Catholic clergy are obliged to wear signet rings with a purple amethyst – as symbols of celibacy!

Embrace your mysterious side

Purple will probably always be associated with mystics, the supernatural and paranormal phenomena. But indigo is also a colour of great intuition and instinctive desires. It’s a shade of idealism, eccentricity, individuality and creativity.

Whatever you think of it, the colour purple is hugely emotive, very sensual and thoroughly evocative colours. And I think that makes them perfect for the haute couture Anderson Club collection.

But never mind me and the mystics. What is it, that draws you to the colour purple?

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